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Kensington Court Hotel Notting hill


A warm welcome from the heart of Bayswater

where the most creative of minds have explored, created, discovered and celebrated for generations. The Kensington Court Hotel Notting Hill is located in the heart of this quintessential area and is a respite for ‘explorers’ from all walks of life.

THE KENSINGTON COURT HOTEL NOTTING HILL has just undertaken a full renovation, an ode to previous local residents like Alexander Fleming (discovered penicillin), JM Barrie ( wrote Peter Pan), Guglielmo Marconi (inventor of long distance radio transmission) and William Henry Hudson (renowned naturalist). This old Victorian grade 2 townhouse is revived into a heartfelt, comforting abode with lots of treats to make you feel at home. 

The hotel is within 10 minutes walking distance from Bayswater Station, Kensington Palace, Diana Memorial, Hyde Park, Notting Hill, Portobello Market, Pastel Houses, The Gate Theatre, The 20th Century Theatre, Bankrobber Gallery, just to name a few gems in our area.

While we upgrade our photography & website, here is sneak peak of what to expect – be our guest!